Havana – Holanda

We spent one more day in Havana Vieja and then we moved on to our host family. The last evening in Havana Vieja was a lot of fun. We went into town early to listen to music. I started talking to a street musician and before I knew it I got his guitar pressed into my hands and we played songs for each other. Then we head off to the bars to listen to more bands. At the second terrace where we sat, we started talking to the band and before we knew it Erik was playing along and I jammed with the other guitarist and percussionist before they started teaching me the chan chan haha. It was a very nice evening and mojitos kept on coming.  After a little too much mojitos we finally ended up in a dark bar with a man in a dress (?) Whaha. Where we had an interesting conversation with some students who were not afraid to talk about the situation in Cuba. What a night!

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U.S.A. – Cuba

We are in Havana! We stayed  a few more nights in the comfortable airbnb in a suburb of San Fran. In addition to bringing the motorbikes to the harbor for their journey home, and preparing ourselves for Cuba, we have been doing  a lot of eh .. cooking and cooking and cooking haha! What a joy to have your own kitchen again after months cooking on a one-burner gas. We made pasta with homemade pesto sauce, fresh lasagna, ravioli with a sauce of grilled pumpkin, goat cheese, nuts and sage etc etc. We shared the house with Andrea, a young woman from Minnesota who has moved there for work but hasn’t been able to find a permanent living space yet. And that was very nice. In the evening with a glass of wine she told us everything about America that we did not know and we had interesting discussions with her about Trump, poverty, possession of weapons in the USA, drug problems in San Fran and so on. I also did a lot of reading. I have bought a book about the history of GMOs (you have a lot of genetically manipulated food in stores here) and am still trying to form an opinion about it.

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