About us

Hola, we are Erik and Arjette. Halfway in our 30s and live with our cat in Zuid-Beijerland (just south of Rotterdam) in an old farmhouse that we have renovated. Before we went on a trip, Erik worked as an Industrial Designer and Arjette had her own company (food truck, catering, cooking classes) and also half-heartedly studied environmental sciences. We love to play outdoor: surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, (downhill) mountain biking, skating, canoeing and motorcycling. In addition, we are both musicians, Erik plays the saxophone and clarinet and Arjette (flamenco) guitar and Erik loves photography. Of course we love to travel and have already made some nice trips to Norway and Morocco.

Travel plans

The idea to make a motorcycle trip came from Arjette, but gradually became Erik’s dream too. We have been talking about this for years and secretly did all kinds of preparations. But saving up turned out to be more difficult. A new house that needed some attention, our wedding that turned out to be more expensive (but it was fantastic) and then an unfortunate surf accident in which Erik broke his neck all caused a delay.

But now the time has finally come and we have saved enough (we hope). We found it extremely difficult to determine a route. Are we going from Central America to North or vice versa? When is that rainy season again? Or shall we go to Africa perhaps? Do we ship or fly the motorcycles? I think our plan has been changed at least 20 times and there is a fair chance that we will not fully stick to it in the end. Anyway .. Our final plan is to fly from the Netherlands to Iceland. We hired a camper van to drive around for a few days. From Iceland we fly on to Vancouver where our motorcycles are waiting for us. Then we want to drive from Canada to Panama on the Pan American Highway. From Panama we go home again. If we still have some budget left, we would like to return via Cuba.